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  • How To Tune Your Guitar

    A great way to tune your guitar is to use harmonics. It allows you to get the guitar perfectly in tune with itself. I still advise using an electric tuner for important situations or playing in a band. To start you need to get your 6th (E s...

  • How To Find The Notes On The Ne

    If you are really new to the guitar you might wish to skip this exercise for now and just use this page for reference if you need to know the name of a note. Ass

  • How to Use The Note Circle

    This is the Note Circle. It shows all the 12 notes that exist in Western music. Notice that A# and Bb are the same note (called enharmonic if you want to be clev

  • How to Read Rhythm on Guitar Ta

    This article is designed to give you a fundamental understanding of rhythm reading. It provides the basic information that youll need to get started and the acco

  • How To Remember String Names an

    One very useful thing to know is the note names of the open strings. They are often used to describe finger placement (as in put your first finger in the second

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