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Jamorama Reviews


Rating: Rated 5/5


Jamorama One of the most popular guitar lesson courses online, It has long been a great way to learn the guitar on your own for a low price. If you want an inexpensive way to learn guitar from home, downloadable guitar lessons are a convenient and obvious choice, Jamorama providing quality multimedia guitar training that you can download to your home computer.

Jamorama was designed for making the guitar learning process fun and enjoyable. The course comes with plenty of bonus software and games to help you gain a solid understanding of musical concepts.

Ben Edwards and the team over at Jamorama did a good job of creating an entry-level guitar learning product that is easy to use. Ben Edwards, a professional musician and guitar instructor. He has previously played in the New Zealand Indie rock band "DegreesK"-had one BIG mission in mind, and holds a bachelor's degree in education.

Jamorama is a great way to get start learning the guitar fast. Unlike some other guitar courses, Jamorama gets you playing tunes quickly, and doesn’t put as much emphasis on some of the more difficult technical aspects of guitar-playing, which the casual guitar player might appreciate.

The Jamorama Course Includes:

2 e-books:
Jamorama Beginners
Jamorama Advanced
148 video lessons
26 "active" jam tracks, with features to turn guitar track on or off.
1000s of lines of guitar tablature
Numerous audio files

Bonus Software:
Jamorama Metronome
GuitearIt! – Software game for training your ear to identify guitar chords
Jayde Musica Pro – Software game for teaching you how to read music
Guitar Tuner Pro – Guitar tuning software

Bonus eBooks:
How to Tune your Guitar e-book
Advanced Learning Techniques for Guitar
Free email consultation line
Lifetime access to online updates
Free email consultation line

With Jamorama Lead Guitar option:
- Jamorama Lead Guitar eBoook
- 43 additional Lead Guitar video lessons
- 29 additional Lead Guitar jam tracks

jamorama lessons


Jamorama has online and email support options available. In our tests, we contacted them several times and they got back to us within 48 hours each time. Like many online courses are starting to do these days, Jamorama has a support forum available for their members.

Suitable For:

Most levels: Beginner , Intermediate , Advanced
Beginner level also suitable for Children of 8 years and above.
With adult assistance, also suitable for Children under 8 years old.
Compatible for both PC and Mac.

Ease of Use

Jamorama's material is very easy to read and follow along with as there are many illustrations and examples provided as you progress. It's worth noting that quite recently, Jamorama upgraded their download format to Jamorama Maestro! This format makes the course much easier to download and work with as you don't have to go searching for all the files and folders you downloaded; Everything you need for each lesson is available from within the lesson. You also only have to download a single file from their member's area to get started.

Risk: Ordering Security + Guarantee:

No Risk Order, Full Guarantee.
Ordering is done through a secure payment processor and accepts PayPal and the major credit cards (Mastercard, Visa,Disco...) Jamorama orders are processed by a third party dedicated processor, over a secure and encrypted connection, so order and credit-card details are very safe and secure.

Jamorama offers a 60-days, No questions asked money back guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied, just send an email (or return physical version), and receive a 100% refund - No questions asked. In addition, after you get your money back, you still get to keep all the bonuses listed above.


Price: $49.95


Jamorama is the perfect choice for a beginner-Advanced guitar player who wants a solid guitar course without spending a whole whack of money.
Good-quality instruction, good production values, and a very affordable price tag makes Jamorama our top pick for downloadable guitar lessons. Recommended.

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