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Music Master Pro Review

Music Master Pro

Rating: Rated 2/5

Music Master Pro

Music Master Pro was developed and produced by Jay Dynasty and Greg Evans. Jay Dynasty, a Sony Records performing artist with over 20 years experience as a music instructor, and internationally renowned musician – Greg Evans. As a user of this site, here are some of the highlights which I feel deserve mention.

Music Master Pro is a website that attempts to teach its members guitar, bass guitar, keyboard, drums and violin all for a one-time membership access fee. The website was started by business partners Jay Dynasty and Greg Evans. The idea of one course that provides learning material that covers multiple instruments is an attractive one, since many people that learn an instrument eventually want to learn others. Great concept, terrible execution, as our review demonstrates…

The Music Master Pro Course Includes:

When we bought a copy of Music Master Pro to review, we were expecting a decent course, with some good solid learning material. We were very disappointed at what we got. Despite the hype you may have read about this product, this course is definitely not your answer to learning the guitar. Warning: There are many sites on the internet that promote Music Master Pro, but it is usually because they have an advertising agreement with the company. We would be very suspicious of any review site that gives you a glowing report of Music Master Pro.

First let's start off with the members-only area of the website. Pasted all over are banner ads, ranging from 'Make 400 bucks an hour' to foreclosure database advertisements. The members area has more than it's share of dead links, and I had one or two of the file downloads fail on me (one with a serious Windows error message). On their site they say that they 'upload new material and resources every week', but this is just not true.

The guitar course consists of 17 short video lessons, and 4 .pdfs on music theory. They also have .mp3 files that have the same audio as the video tutorials, which we found to be completely useless, as you can't see anything that they talking about. Despite the movies being obviously amateur-made, they wouldn't been so bad if there wasn't a small TV screen in the background constantly playing soap operas... (no joke) Frankly, the site and entire course is terribly unprofessional.

In addition, most of the resources and software aids they have available are all from 3rd parties, one or two of which you have to pay for, which is completely ludicrous.


None. We tried contacting them, but never got our communication replied to.

Buyer’s Tip: If you have purchased Music Master Pro and want a refund, don’t bother asking them for one, since they won’t respond to your emails. Instead just file a refund request with their payment processor, which happens to be Clickbank. You have 60 days to file your refund after purchase. Once you do that, we encourage you to check out the best online guitar lessons Jamplay.

Suitable For:

Most levels: n/a

Ease of Use

No problems other than having to individually download all lesson material, which can be quite tedious.

Risk: Ordering Security + Guarantee:

Music Master Pro payments are handled through Clickbank, which accepts all major credit cards as well as PayPal.

Price: $29.95


Unless Music Master Pro goes through a serious overhaul, we've got to say to look elsewhere for a good guitar course. One exception to this would be if you wanted to learn a whole bunch of instruments at one time. In that case you may find Music Master Pro's conglomerated lesson deposit helpful. If you want a real guitar course at a similar price, take a look at a couple of our top picks, Jamplay and Jamorama.

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