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Guitar Hotshot Review

Guitar Hotshot

Rating: Rated 2/5

Guitar Hotshot

Guitar Hotshot is a new guitar learning and is taught by the same guitar teacher that was involved with the music course Music Master Pro. Jamie Lewis of Guitar Hotshot appears to be an alias of Jay Dynasty from the Music Master Pro website. In reality, GuitarHotshot.com is a reincarnation of a widely-known guitar lesson scam known as Music Master Pro, which we’ve reviewed on this site before.

Sadly, Guitar Hotshot seems to be a dismal attempt by Jamie Lewis to create a successor for the failed Music Master Pro course. Unfortunately, you just have to learn to recognize these sites for what they are... a waste of time and money. There are plenty of good sites to learn guitar with on the internet these days, but this is not one of them.

The Guitar Hotshot Course Includes:

32 Guitar Instruction Videos in Quicktime format
1 .pdf on Music Theory
1 Guitar tablature chart
3 piano scales and chord diagrams
24 Piano and Violin Instruction Videos

Essentially, not much has changed from Music Master Pro. However, one thing that has changed from the Music Master Pro course is that there are now 15 additional low-quality videos (Yay!). The bad news is that they still look like an amateur filmed them with a wobbly webcam. Also, the audio is still just as bad. Video clips typically range from 2-4 minutes long, and are in the flash video format.

What about the actual video content? Most of the videos go something like this: “See me do this? Yeah, well good luck trying to figure it out.” We can’t really see Jamie Lewis being a real guitar teacher, as his lesson quality and teaching techniques are absolutely appalling.

Oh, and you know when they said on the homepage that you can download the videos after ordering? Well, they didn’t really mean that. When we tried to download the video lessons to our PC, we were told that to do that, we’d have to “upgrade” our membership for another $20.00 so we could have the privilege of watching the videos offline. Simple bait-and-switch tactics.

Just for fun, we’ll address a few more promises Guitar Hotshots makes on their sale page:

Access to “Over 10,000 counted riffs, solos, scales and licks” – This “ultimate resource” is nowhere to found on GuitarHotshots.com, plain and simple.

“Become a master of music theory” – Call me a skeptic, but how in the world am I supposed to become a music theory “Master” when all you give me is a single 12-page document?

Access to an “Extensive library of every scale, chord, arpeggio and groove known to man” – Hmmm… that actually sounds more like something you’d find on a REAL guitar lesson site.

“Learn to play guitar in every style rock , metal classical, jazz fusion , Latin folk country and more” – In the introductory video, Jamie Lewis promises that GuitarHotshot.com will be bringing in more diversified guitar talent to teach different genres of guitar. That still hasn’t happened yet.

“52 video lessons” – There are only 32 short flash video clips. I’m just wondering if this is a case of not being able to tell a “5” from a “3” or just false advertising. We’ll go with the latter.

“40 Hours of Intensive Guitar Lessons on Video” – Turns out that not only is there not 40 hours of video on GuitarHotshot.com, but you can’t even download them at all… without paying an extra $19.95.

There are plenty more things we take Guitar Hotshot to task on, but we don’t think there’s any need to discuss their program any further. It’s just unfortunate that websites like these give legitimate online guitar courses a bad reputation.



Buyer’s Tip: If you have purchased Guitar Hotshot and want a refund, don’t bother asking them for one, since they won’t respond to your emails. Instead just file a refund request with their payment processor, which happens to be Clickbank. You have 60 days to file your refund after purchase. Once you do that, we encourage you to check out the one of best online guitar lessons Jamorama.

Suitable For:

Most levels: n/a

Ease of Use

It would have been nice if Guitar Hotshot had allowed their paying customers the option to download all the instructional videos to their computer so they can view them at their leisure. Amazingly, you'll have to pay another $19.95 for that privilege.

Risk: Ordering Security + Guarantee:

Guitar Hotshot payments are handled through Clickbank, which accepts all major credit cards as well as PayPal.

Price: $29.95


Guitar Hotshot is a perfect example of an online guitar lesson scam. Avoid like the plague.
A very good alternative to Guitar Hotshot is Jamorama, one of our editor's choices.

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