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Infinite Guitar Review

Infinite Guitar

Rating: Rated 3.5/5


Infinite Guitar was created by guitarist Sean Conklin. Sean, with the help of 6 other talented guitar instructors has created a guitar lesson database that currently contains over 1,100 video guitar lessons with more being added regularly. These lessons are not just for newbies either – on the contrary, a large portion of the lessons are intended for intermediate and even advanced guitarists. When Sean Conkline launched his Infinite Guitar site in March 2008. Frankly, having recently used the Infinite Guitar tutorials to improve my very basic guitar-playing skills, Infinite Guitar did come as a big surprise.

Much of the Infinite Guitar’s technology, methodology, and even site design was essentially borrowed from other online guitar membership sites that have been around a while such as Guitar Tricks and Jamplay. In fact, the site’s founder Sean Conklin once was an instructor on GuitarTricks.com at one time. However, one element that differentiates Infinite Guitar is their policy to make their lessons more affordable than the competition.

The Infinite Guitar Course Includes:

1. Exceptional Video Quality – Unlike the distorted picture and sound quality in the many other tutorials that I viewed online, I found that the video quality of Infinite Guitar tutorials to be exceptional. Like me, you’ll find ? excellent close-up shots ? Crisp and sharp picture quality ? Adequate lighting ? Crystal-clear audio ? multiple camera angles, and above all, most of the Infinite Guitar videos are filmed in ‘high definition’ format

2. Intelligent Search System – Recognizing that most aspiring guitarists spend many hours in a frustrating search to find specific lessons to suit their interests and styles, Infinite Guitar developed the Intelligent Search System, whereby one can find the guitar lessons and styles of their choice ... in minutes.

The secret behind this is a unique interface designed by the Infinite Guitar technical team that helps you find lessons under categories selections, such as style; difficulty; type of lesson; focus; media and instructors. What’s more, keywords can also be used to search for lessons, in addition to popularity and time sorting.

3. Full-screen Video – Despite the ‘standard’ video player being large in size, Infinite Guitar created a ‘full-screen’ video player that offers meticulous attention to detail to make guitar-learning more effective and enjoyable.

4. Authentic Chord Finder – This is an extremely useful feature offered by Infinite Guitar that, unlike others, uses ONLY real-life, guitar chord and image recording/filming, as opposed to the computer-generated, fake imitations used by others.


The Infinite Guitar online support center is a great place to get all your questions answered, sometimes within 24 hrs if the need arises. Infinite Guitar is ever eager to offer their full support at anytime. What’s more, if you aren’t satisfied with any aspect of the Infinite Guitar package, there’s a 100% Money Back Guarantee. However, from what I’ve experienced, chances are, you may not need this.

Suitable For:

Most levels: Beginner , Intermediate.
Beginner level also suitable for Children of 8 years and above.
With adult assistance, also suitable for Children under 8 years old.

Ease of Use

Infinite Guitar, their website accessible and easy to use. Everything is laid out exceptionally well. The site itself is huge, but is still easy to navigate.

Risk: Ordering Security + Guarantee:

Infinite Guitar is supported by membership fees. You can purchase either a monthly, quarterly, or yearly plan and as you might expect the effective price per month decreases the longer the duration of the plan. A monthly membership is $10.95, a quarterly membership works out to $9.50/mo., and a yearly membership equates to $8.25/mo.

Purchases can be made via all major credit cards as well as through PayPal, a very popular online payment processor.

Infinite Guitar’s refund policy is a lot more stringent than virtually every other guitar course we’ve reviewed on this site. If you order a Premium membership and decide it’s not for you, you have only 3 days to claim your refund.


You can pay monthly, ($10.95/month), quarterly (only $9.5/month), as well as yearly (only $8.25/month). You also have the option of upgrading your payment option or canceling at any time.


InfiniteGuitar.com vs. GuitarTricks.com vs. Jamplay.com
Here is a simplistic comparison between the 3 major online guitar video lesson membership websites. We hope to have a better site-by-site comparison up in the near future.

Pricing: On a monthly basis for both the monthly and yearly plans, Infinite Guitar is a couple dollars cheaper than Guitar Tricks per month, and substantially less than Jamplay. However, Jamplay’s yearly package is not much more expensive than Infinite Guitar’s.

Lesson Material and Instructors: Guitar Tricks has roughly 3x the quantity of lessons that Infinite Guitar provides, and Jamplay.com has roughly 12x that amount. Jamplay also provides the largest and most diverse pool of instructors that you’ll find on one site. Guitar Tricks comes second while Infinite Guitar currently only has seven instructors.

Lesson Quality: Infinite Guitar has good, though not exceptional video and lesson quality. GuitarTricks.com’s lessons vary greatly from lesson to lesson though they are starting to exclusively add better quality lessons to their database. Jamplay wins big in this category as their lesson are filmed in HD and are usually filmed with multiple camera angles and split views – an essential part of learning guitar.

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