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How To Remember String Names and are identified

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One very useful thing to know is the note names of the open strings. They are often used to describe finger placement (as in put your first finger in the second fret of the A string) and are also useful for tuning your guitar to another instrument (like a piano). It is needed to buy new strings for your guitar (can I please have a D string) and can help you know the notes you are playing and may help you use a guitar tuner. So well worth learning this one.

So what are the notes?

1st string - E (the thinnest)
2nd string - B
3rd string - G
4th string - D
5th string - A
6th string - E (the thickest)

Rhymes in the times
This can easily be remembered using a rhyme... like:

Easter Bunny Gets Drunk After Easter

The notes names from thin to thick strings). This is the one I was told as a kid and still remember to this day, but feel free to make up your own. If you come up with a very funny one please let me know and I will add it here.

Other Examples of rhymes...
Every Boy Gets Dizzy Around Elle (tribute to supermodel Elle MacPhearson by me)
Even Brainy Gits Don't Always Eat (...whatever man, make up your own....)
Eager Boys Go Down After Eloping (hmmmm matron)

They can go the other way too - using thickest to thinnest strings like these:

Easter Angles Don't Give Broken Eggs

Eddie Ate Dynamite, Good-Bye Eddie (from James via Max)

Knowing how the guitar strings are identified is foundational to everything else you will learn on the guitar!

You will find this first lesson to be very easy and straight-forward, but don't overlook it's importance! With that said, lets begin!

Did you know that you already understand something about playing the guitar? That’s right! Seven simple letters: A B C D E F G

These seven letters make up the Musical Alphabet and with them you will learn...

How the Strings are Identified

How the Fretboard Works

How to Read Music

How to Play Chords

And that's why I like to say... It's as easy as ABC!

But, before we go any further, let's take a minute to become familiar with the various parts of a guitar...

The basic guitar is equipped with six strings. They are numbered in order from the highest sounding (first), down to the lowest sounding (sixth).
1 = First (high)
2 = Second
3 = Third
4 = Fourth
5 = Fifth
6 = Sixth (low)

Each one is also identified with a letter from the Musical Alphabet:

1 = E
2 = B
3 = G
4 = D
5 = A
6 = E

Here is a simple acrostic which I have my students use to help them memorize the letters associated with each string. Start from the sixth and move up to the first.

--------------------------------------------------1 = Ears--------
------------------------------------------2 = Big------------------
----------------------------------3 = Grow------------------------
--------------------------4 = Dogs--------------------------------
------------------5 = And-----------------------------------------
----------6 = Elephants-------------------------------------------

They are referred to as OPEN tones when played in this manner.

LESSON OBJECTIVE: To memorize the letters and numbers associated with each string.

PRACTICE: Play the open by starting on the sixth string and moving to the first. Say the acrostic out loud as you hear the sound of each tone. Then repeat the process saying just the first letter of each word in the acrostic. After you have memorized the letters associated with each tone in this order, try saying them in reverse by starting on the first and moving back to the sixth.


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