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Learn Guitar beginner and intermediate tips

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what should do when you learn guitar?

1-Feeling the difference between playing guitar and practice

They are both important but don't confuse. There is a difference.

2-In practice when using metronome to practice guitar

If you are not good at measures at beginning , then you probably beat after another will.Remember, you are now a habit will decide what you become a guitarist.The habit is good, also have a plenty of bad. How to guide you to help the habit of playing skills, is entirely up to you.

3-Listen to the music of various styles

The greatest guitarist almost is widely music man of taste.No one style of music is waste.Perhaps some people hate some music style, but that doesn't mean the music itself is annoying.Listen to some music more than others no harm.

4-To steal!

From everywhere "stolen" solo, and your licks rehearsing and continue to do so.If you like a phrase , learn to play it - but you should make it yourself.Change the sequence of note, some changes in a rhythm, tone, or play in another shophach the octave.Experiment by yourself, leave oneself to feel good. When you do this after a period of time, you will find yourself already on the road, the road destination is -  your own style.

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