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How To Hold A Barre Chord

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Today I'll show you how to hold a barre chord.

It is one of the most important chords you'll need in your guitar playing.

The beauty of this chord is that once you can hold it, you'll be able to move it anywhere on the fretboard and it becomes a different note.

To kick off -- this is a barre chord. Don't worry which fret to play it on for now. Just learn how to hold it. I've also included the tabs below to make it easier...



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This is an example of a Barre Chord. Pace your index finger across ALL 6 strings, followed by your middle finger on fret 2, and finally the rest of your fingers on string the 3rd fret of strings 5 & 6.

Admitted -- it is hard to hold at first, but in time you will get it. The more it hurts the more your fingers need to be stretched. Keep at it each day and I guarantee you'll be able to hold it.

Before I carry on, barre chords are always measured by your index finger. So if I say play a barre chord on fret 4, you place your index finger across ALL strings on fret 4, followed by the rest of your fingers. So always measure a barre chord by your index finger.

Now -- once you can hold a barre chord, you are then able to move it to different locations on the fretboard and play different notes!

So for example...if you hold a barre chord on the 1st fret (top string) you are playing an F chord!

If you move it to the 3rd fret (top string) you are now playing a G chord.

If you move it to the 5th fret (top string) you are now playing an A chord and so on.

Here's a guide of what I'm talking about...

Bottom line -- learn a barre chord as it is one of the most important chords you will need to play the guitar. It will not be easy the first time -- but keep practicing and never give up!

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